Published Wednesday , on 29 March 2017, 09:23:00 by Christophe Hitayezu

By Christophe Hitayezu

  • Kigali, 28 March 2017: The Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (UNFAO), launched the Agriculture Services and Digital Inclusion in Africa Project to accelerate digital inclusion in Agriculture sector.

In this project, Rwandan youth in ICT, especially in Software development, will be given chance, through competitions, to develop four different kinds of applications including ‘Cure and feed your Livestock’, ‘eNutrifood’, ‘Weather and Crop Calendar’ and ‘AgriMarketPlace’ Apps which will be finally accessed by farmers as a source of daily updated agriculture information.

After implementation of this pilot project in Rulindo District, it will be adapted for use in other countries as well.

Attaher Maiga, the FAO Rwanda representative, mentioned this project will help the government to achieve its different objectives in Agriculture and food security.

"This project will use Information Technology to make sure that knowledge, information, data, ... are made available to the users which are farmers and consumers in this case. Today with a mobile phone you can connect a farmer to the market by providing price information, available goods and so on, this helps the user to be connect in real time." Maiga added

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Resources, Jean Claude Kayisinga said this project will help to speed up efficiently ICT inclusion in Agriculture sector, because it will be giving updated information to farmers, which will help them to make the right choice before applying their farming activities.

PS Kayisinga

Joseph Gafaranga, farmers’ representative at the launch event, said farmers are facing price related problems, they believe this project will help them to make markets comparison for their commodities to find a perfect customer with a good price.