Published Saturday , on 22 February 2020, 08:27:00 by Marie Anne Dushimimana

Rwandan Academy of Science calls on more Africans to engage in researches to help the continent deal with new epidemics.

Jean Claude Semuto Ngabonziza, The Director of Rwanda Academy of Science said there is a need to join hands for researchers to come up with solutions to the increasing current problems, including epidemics.

“Research requires money. However, it is not enough to trigger the impacts needed. We don’t have enough researchers, and those available don’t work together. This is time for us to join hands to find solutions for Africa’s problems,” he said.

The recently formed Rwanda Academy of Science counts only 75 researchers in Rwanda.

Sabin Nsanzimana, the Director of Rwanda Biomedical Centre and a health Researcher said we live in a world driven by epidemics and this cycle will never change. However, people should ask themselves what they are doing to control them.

“We should forecast from now what will happen ten years from now? Are we finding new drugs and vaccines? It took two months to find a treatment that can cure Ebola at 90%. With commitment we can make a change,” he said.

Africa contributes only 2 percent of the world researches, while most of them are conducted from this continent.

“We are not doing enough to advance science and research. We have a new lifestyle which causes new diseases and if not anticipated, they may be a source of new epidemics in few coming years. As African researchers, we should think ahead of it and come up with solutions to limit the consequences,” he said.

While most of the epidemics hit Africa, there are the fewest clinical trials compared to other regions of the world.

So far in Rwanda, only 86 clinical trials are being conducted. Dr. Nsanzimana said in developed countries, this number is conducted just in one village.