Published Friday , on 10 February 2017, 21:22:54 by Christophe Hitayezu

About Access to Finance Rwanda

AFR is a Rwandan not for Profit organisation, established in March 2010 by the governments of the United Kingdom (UK) and Rwanda and with support from the UK Department for International Development (DFID), and the World Bank. Existing funders of AFR include DFID, The MasterCard Foundation, Sweden, USAID, and KfW. AFR’s strategic focus is stimulating financial sector development by partnering with financial institutions and other stakeholders to increase access to and use of financial services.

Scope of the proposals

AFR invites project concepts from organisations that would design and deliver cutting edge financial solutions to maize and potato value chains in Rwanda. Such innovations should focus on the following:

Delivering mobile credit to small holder famers within the two value chains: This may include farmer profiling, farmer credit scoring, electronic vouchers, etc.;
Facilitate and enable smallholder farmer payments. These could vary from input to production sales, agriculture insurance;
Carry out financial education to different value chain actors in collaboration with financial institutions and other agricultural sector players to enhance financial literacy and agriculture financial products uptake;
Create linkages with formal financial institutions to provide digital savings products;
Any other innovative solution for financing along the value chains with a focus on smallholder farmers.
How to apply

Organisations intending to submit their projects concepts are allowed to submit concepts on the two value chains and a single project concept should not exceed 4 pages. They are required to follow this link: in order to be able to download the “AFR project summary template” and submit it once filled by email to clearly indicating the subject line: Call for Agriculture Value Chain Financing Project Proposals

Deadline for submission

All project concepts must be submitted electronically and in English by 15th February 2017.

For more information, kindly refer to the following link with detailed call for concepts.