Published Tuesday , on 26 January 2016, 12:14:00 by Christophe Hitayezu

Champion Investment Corporation (CHIC), a private joint venture entity for Kigali City has come up with the best solutions for business growth.

CHIC was initiated by a group of Kigali traders aiming at transforming the Kigali’s skyline to complement the efforts of the city in order to develop its central Business District by enhancing infrastructures.

CHIC works as part of Private Sector Federation program aims at encouraging Rwandan business people to form Investment groups to invest in big business enterprise.

The group has invested some billions in a mega commercial complex with 55,000 sqm spaces occupied by mostly traders relocated from old downtown shops and other startups.

Under its ambition, CHIC plans to invest in more projects to address the slums situation in the city through the creation of new planned residential and commercial centers.

The complex provides more opportunities for the beneficiaries (traders) due to its location that helps clients to access any service from easily.

The complex is located in city center of Kigali, nearby city public Bus Park at downtown Kigali ETO Muhima, with 3 tarmac roads around, big car parking of about 500 cars that reflects people’s movement necessary for business purposes among others.

CHIC partners with more than 50 shareholders and is also financially strong to solve any financial calamity.

Not only does CHIC build on national regulations but it also operates in a transparent way to meet different national authorities.

Professionalism, transparency, Integrity, Affordable and good quality service are the core values of Campion Investment Corporation (CHIC).

CHIC vises at becoming leading investment corporation countrywide and integrating to outsiders of the country.

CHIC encourages private companies from single investment to Joint Venture Investment Corporation.

At the best rent, CHIC has affordable and enough spaces for various businesses including Offices, Shops for different commodities, Banks, Restaurents, Supermarkets and forex bureau.

The price for rent is affordable ranging from 15 to 25 USD.

Contact CHIC Ltd at +250788388800 or +250788302388.

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