Published Monday , on 7 December 2020, 11:13:48 by NONAHA

The Central American Parliament (PARLACEN) has expressedits support for all the measurestaken by Morocco to ensure free civil and commercial movementthroughMorocco border crossing post linking the Kingdom to Mauritania.

‘’We express oursolidaritywithMorocco and ourconcern over the free movement of people and goodsthrough El Guerguerat border post, whilesupporting all the measurestaken by the Kingdom,’’ Parlacensaid in a statementsigned by itspresident, Fanny Carolina Salinas Fernández, calling for respect of the cease-fire agreement.
The Central American Parliamentstressedthat "the main objective is to preservepeace in the region in order to ensureprosperity and freedom of civil and commercial movement", notingthat "peaceremains essential for the stability in the region".

The regionalparliamentary institution referred to the recentresolution n ° 2548 of the United Nations Security Council, whichcalled for a "realistic, pragmatic and lasting solution to the dispute", as stipulated by the autonomy initiative presented by Morocco to end the artificialregionalconflictaround the Moroccan Sahara, notingthatit "positivelyassesses" thisdecision.

The Parlacencalled for achieving a "just and lasting" solution to the artificial dispute over the territorial integrity of the Kingdom, in accordance withLaayouneDeclaration, whichpleads "to support the efforts aimed at reaching a peaceful, lasting and negotiated solution to the Sahara dispute in full respect of the resolutions of the UN Security Council and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Kingdom".

The LaayouneDeclaration, whichcrowned the meeting of the executive bureau of Parlacen and the bureau of the House of Advisors, held in July 2016 in Laayoune, welcomes the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco to achieve a political solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue.

The Central American Parliamentrecalledthat the Kingdomenjoys the status of observer memberwinthinParlacen and the Central American integration system, welcoming the support provided by Morocco for the promotion of development in the countries of the region, as well as relations between the twosides.

Foundedin 1991, the Central American Parliament, alsoknown as Parlacen, whichisbased in Guatemala City, bringstogetherMPsfrom Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, DominicanRepublic and Panama.