Published Wednesday , on 23 August 2017, 14:55:13 by Christophe Hitayezu

The new strategic plan (PSTA4) is being drafted with technical support from FAO, in the framework of an EU-funded project. The six-year strategic plan will become usable in 2018.

As the Ministry of agriculture and Animal resources (MINAGRI) launched consultations at the beginning of this year with sector stakeholders, many voiced their different expectations of the new plan.

Ngirumugenga Jean Marie Pierre, a banana and piggery farmer from Rwamagana district, says PSTA4 should be put emphasis on programmes aimed to address climate change effects.

Ngirumugenga Jean Marie Pierre with his pigs [Photo: Christophe Hitayezu]

He also thinks efficient seed and fertilizer distribution is crucial for a vibrant sector. Ngirumugenga said: "in the new plan, MINAGRI should avail fertilizer to farmers on time, also research on selected seeds that suit out soils should be incorporated in the plan. Efforts should be promoted in Irrigation in the plan.

On his part, Tony Nsanganira, an agricultural expert suggests PSTA4 to ensure increased youth involvement in the sector.

Tony Nsanganira [Photo: FAO]

More views

Hon. Gatabazi JMV is a Rwandan lawmaker: “Rwanda should promote land consolidation, this way it would easy for farmers to access seeds and markets. The agriculture sector in the country should not be dependent on rain, more irrigation strategies should be looked at in the new strategic plan”.

Mr. Gatabazi adds that the plan should further encourage investors be to invest in the sector activities.

Hon. Gatabazi JMV [Photo:]

Ruzindana Eric, a journalist says cheap irrigation equipment should be thought about to facilitate all farmers to access them which would increase productivity.

Mads Knudsen, a Development Economist currently working on PSTA4 says the ICT aspect will be give attention to change the face of agriculture in Rwanda, adding that opportunities for youth and women in the sector will be increased so that they play an active role.

Octave Semwaga, Director General of Strategic Planning and Programmes Coordination at MINAGRI stressed that PSTA4 will seek to professionalise the sector to increase its productivity and access to markets