Published Wednesday , on 17 March 2021, 18:41:31 by NONAHA

Kigali, Rwanda – the Government of Japan has announced their support to the UN Refugee Agency in Rwanda for the year 2021, funding the Burundian refugee response in Rwanda.

This generous contribution from the People of Japan will reinforce UNHCR’s intervention in the areas of health, protection, and voluntary return – benefiting more than 54,000 Burundian refugees living in Mahama refugee camp, Eastern Province of Rwanda.

In 2021, with thanks to the support of the Government of Japan in the amount of 856,136USD, UNHCR will continue to ensure that refugee population in Mahama camp has improved health status, and they are registered and provided proper documentations. As part of the voluntary repatriation process that begun on 27 August 2020, the UNHCR partnership with the Government of Japan will allow around 40,000 Burundian refugees who would wish to return home in 2021 to be assisted to do so in safety and dignity.

Mr. Ahmed Baba Fall, UNHCR Representative in Rwanda commended the people and Government of Japan for their contribution, which will allow UNHCR to continue assisting vulnerable refugees to access better health care, obtaining proper documentation, and be facilitated to return to their home country voluntary.

“This support comes during a critical time, as the entire world faces an unprecedented public health emergency. We are thankful for the Government of Japan’s continued support to our refugee response and look forward to working together to provide critical protection services and humanitarian assistance to refugees in Rwanda, while supporting the implementation of durable solutions,” he said.

H.E. Mr. Masahiro Imai, Ambassador of Japan to Rwanda said “It is our pleasure that this project through our support will contribute to improving health status of refugee population in Mahama camp, as well as providing fair protection processes and documentation to support voluntary repatriation and realize its potential. Japan appreciates the efforts which have been made by the Rwandan Government and UNHCR in this regard, and we wish to continue working with them.”

Mahama Camp

Currently, more than 142,000 individuals are registered in six refugee camps, transit/ reception centres, and urban areas in Rwanda.

Over the past six years, the Government of Japan has provided considerable support to UNHCR and its partners in Rwanda for the response to the Burundi refugee situation and counts among UNHCR’s largest government donor worldwide.