Published Tuesday , on 3 November 2020, 11:08:01 by NONAHA

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatraites , Mr. Nasser Bourita, welcomed on Monday, November 2nd , 2020, in Rabat, the ‘’positive and constructive’’ position of Liberia vis-à-vis the Moroccan Sahara issue.

Liberia has actively supported the international legality and the legitimate rights of the Kingdom of Morocco in this part of its territory, particularly at the United Nations, said Mr. Bourita who was speaking at a joint press briefing with his Liberian counterpart, Mr. Dee-Maxwell SaahKemayah, at the end of their meeting.

Mr. Bourita said that Mr. Kemayah’s first visit to Morocco is part of the distinguished relations between the two countries, stressing that these relations have undergone positive developments in recent years, as evidenced by the holding of the Joint Commission in 2019, the opening of the Liberian Consulate in Dakhla in March and the signing of a series of agreements.

In this regard, the Minister noted that three agreements have been signed between the two countries in the areas of agriculture, health and higher education, noting that these agreements are in addition to nine other agreements signed at the Joint Commission meeting.

In addition, Mr. Bourita and his Liberian counterpart agreed to further develop bilateral relations, including through a mission for sectorial cooperation, which will visit Monrovia soon, adding that the preparation of the next session of the Joint Commission was also decided on this occasion.

The quality of exchanges between Morocco and Liberia reflects the excellence of bilateral relations, the Minister said, stressing that cooperation between the two countries is part of a roadmap with well-defined contours.

Morocco plans to deepen this exceptional relationship within the framework of the recovery program "Liberia Vision 2030", noting that the Kingdom will work to facilitate the obtaining of visas for Liberian citizens and to participate in the upgrading of basic electrical installations in Liberia.

Mr. Bourita also called for the development of the legal framework for bilateral cooperation between the two parties, particularly in the areas of hydro-agricultural development, drinking water, infrastructure, energy and marine fisheries.