Published Tuesday , on 27 October 2020, 11:33:34 by NONAHA

The Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Chad have a shared responsibility and vision for the preservation of peace and the promotion of development in the Sahel, said, on Monday October 26, 2020, in Rabat, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Mr. Nasser Bourita.

"Morocco and Chad have a common belonging to the Sahel. They have a shared responsibility and vision. This belonging gives us a symbiotic attachment to the preservation of peace and the promotion of development in our sub-region", said Mr. Bourita during a press briefing after his talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Chadians Abroad, Mr. Amine Abba Siddick.

Chad plays an important role in the Sahel region, he stressed, deeming that the military and security contribution of this country is fundamental for the preservation of stability in this region and the fight against the terrorist threat, notably around Lake Chad.

Describing the visit of the Chadian Minister as "fruitful and auspicious" for the future of bilateral relations, as it helped add "new milestones to an already solid partnership between the two brotherly countries", Mr. Bourita said the two sides were able to discuss several issues of common interest and express their determination to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

These talks were also an opportunity to enhance the coordination between the two countries within the African Union (AU), the important role played by Chad in the return of the Kingdom to the Union and the presence of Morocco within AU forums, he said, noting that the two parties agreed to strengthen this coordination during the next stages.

The two countries have a very rich legal framework and the signing today of six cooperation agreements in several areas fosters this framework, said Mr. Bourita, noting that a multi-sectoral mission should visit soon N’Djamena, the Chadian capital, to strengthen cooperation between the two countries, particularly in the field of vocational training.

"Morocco is following with great interest all the actions carried out by the President (Chadian, editor’s note) to strengthen the stability of the country and place it on the path of development within the framework of the Chad-2030 program", he said, stressing that Morocco, in accordance with Royal instructions, has undertaken to support Chad on this path.

On the other hand, Minister Bourita, and his Chadian counterpart, Mr.Amine Abba Siddick, signed six cooperation agreements in the areas of diplomacy, agriculture, energy, information and communication, culture and tourism aimed at further strengthening experiences and expertise exchange between the two countries.

The two parties also signed a cooperation agreement on training cooperation in the areas of information, communication and documentary information sciences.

They also signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation in the area of culture with a view to strengthening cultural exchanges by bringing together the cultural institutions of the two countries and encouraging them to establish cooperation agreements.

On the same occasion, Morocco and Chad signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the tourism sector which aims at strengthening experience and expertise exchange in this field.

The signing of these agreements reflects the intention of the two brotherly and friendly countries to further strengthen their cooperation, particularly in the economic and cultural areas, Amine Abba Siddick told the press following talks with his Moroccan counterpart.