Published Wednesday , on 16 December 2020, 10:18:10 by NONAHA

The main support of the separatists in the European Parliament, which they called the ‘’Western Sahara Intergroup’’ has just suffered a serious setback on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, with the resignation of its president, Joachim Schuster, protesting against the violation of the ceasefire by the ‘’polisario’’.

‘’I consider the decision of the Frente polisario to terminate the ceasefire to be a serious strategic error. I do not see how this can promote a solution to the conflict, but rather fear that this conflict will be significantly exacerbated. I do not think that this serves the Sahrawi people,’’ said the German Euro-deputy in his resignation letter to his colleagues among the Euro-deputies.

"I have taken on the role of the president in order to contribute to the peaceful resolution of the conflict (..). The aim was to encourage the EU to develop, hand in hand with the African Union, a more active and constructive approach towards the conflict and, of course, to promote the introduction of a new special representative of the United Nations" for the Sahara, he said, noting that the conditions for these aims have changes dramatically with the end of the ceasefire by the ‘’polisario’’.