Published Wednesday , on 25 August 2021, 10:59:58 by NONAHA

In a statement published on August 24, 2021, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates indicated that the Kingdom of Morocco has taken note of the unilateral decision of the Algerian authorities to sever diplomatic relations with Morocco starting this day.

The Ministry underlined that Morocco regrets this completely unjustified but expected decision - in view of the logic of escalation noted in recent weeks - as well as its impact on the Algerian people.

Morocco categorically rejects the fallacious, even absurd, pretexts underlying it, said the same source.

For its part, the Kingdom of Morocco will remain a credible and loyal partner for the Algerian people and will continue to act, with wisdom and responsibility, for the development of healthy and fruitful inter-Maghreb relations, the statement said.

Algeria has decided, on August 24, 2021, to sever diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Morocco with immediate effect.