Published Saturday , on 1 September 2018, 23:08:01 by Christophe Hitayezu

Female Candidantes campaigning at Mudenge sector on Friday, 31 August 2018

Female parliamentary candidates representing the Western Province vow to advocate for women development through making laws that promote the welfare and empowerment of women in Rwanda.

A community health worker willing to become a member of parliament, Vestine Tuyishime said she will focus on gender sensitivity if she is elected.

”I will advocate for gender balance and a consistent outreach program for hearing women’s issues to bring them back at the parliament. My aim is the welfare and sustainable development for all Rwandans, and making this progress a heritage to our next generation,” she said.

Vestine Tuyishime at Mudende campaign site

Jeanne Henriette Mukabikino who is running for her second term in the parliament, said she participated in making various laws protecting women.

“I was the vice president of the forum of the female MPs in Rwanda (FFRP), we have voted many laws protecting women for their development. Voting for me is giving me the chance to continue my contribution, I will fight for gender balance in the country to build peaceful and happier families,” she said.

Jeanne Henriette campaigning at Mudenge

Pretronille Nyiramagambo, a resident of Mudende sector wishes candidates should respect their pledges.

“It is an important opportunity to hear their plans. Especially for rural women, we need their advocacy to bring financial facilities, limited access to financial institutions is a barrier to most of rural women,” she said.

Voters appreciating candidates’ pledges

Valentine Uwizeyimana wishes candidates that will be voted, should provide advocacy for many social and development problems of Mudende women.

“People of Mudende sector are not allowed to travel to RDC using National ID as other sectors of Rubavu district, we even have an issue of polygamy and early pregnancy, we need those candidates to raise those issue for us,” She said.

Only 6 out of 38 candidates will pass to represent Western Province in parliamentary poll on 4th September 2018 to be part of the 24 seats reserved exclusively for Women by the Rwandan constitution.

Gilbert Habyarimana, the mayor of Rubavu district introducing campaigning activities at Mudende

Voters warmly welcoming candidates for campaign

More than 1700 women eligible to vote attended the campaign at Mudende sector, Rubavu district