Published Tuesday , on 4 September 2018, 17:18:00 by Christophe Hitayezu

The election of 24 females representing 30% of parliamentarian seats reserved exclusively for them was planned to start at 10:00 am on 4th September 2018, at Nyabihu district, some polling stations delayed more than two hours due to unexpected reasons.

It was 10:45am at Kijote Polling Station and there was no voters. The voting room was not ready to be used, cleaning activities was ongoing and no equipment at the site.

Sebunyenyeri Munyamariza, coordinator of Kijote site said they was still waiting for polling materials from the district headquarters.

"We are waiting for materials from the district office, the envoy has gone for their pick up and we are expecting to start at the time of his arrival," he said.

The same case was at Kora polling station where about 20 voters was waiting patiently around half past eleven, due to the delay of polling materials, according to the site coordinator.

At APARPE polling station, the first voted at 12:00pm for the same reason.

Voters at Kora said they were not expecting such situation, but they have to vote.

"We have reserved the entire day for voting, we wait until we vote, we even thank the leadership of our country to provide particular seats in the parliament, it is valuing women voice," said Annonciata Nyirabakonseye, one of the voter at Kora site.

However, the article 84 of the instruction of National Electoral Commission on legislative election mentions that "Indirect voting starts at 10:00am and ends at 03:00 pm".

Edson Nsengumuremyi, election coordinator in Nyabihu district said equipment should have been stay at the site, after general elections of 3rd August.

"We have provided guidelines that equipment to be used today should have been ready at the site from the evening before the polling day," he said.

"The case you may have seen at the site, may be their coordinators misunderstood the guidelines and we are going to follow up to see how to correct the mistake," he added.

Djamada, election coordinator in Western Province said a such case is a sign of malpractice.

"Voting sites have to be prepared and equipped before the day of elections, we have provided all necessary facilities, we were not expecting such malpractices," he said.

For the general legislative election on 3rd September,the vote was timely at all voting station and some female voters urge National Electoral commission to improve the coordination for their particular voting day.