Published Wednesday , on 12 September 2018, 22:37:09 by Francine Andrew Mukase

Some elderly people from Nyange sector in Ngororero district complain about not receiving the emergency support, meant to help vulnerable people on account of VUP (Vision 2020 Umurenge Program). During community meetings of their sector, hold between citizens and their respective leaders, they claim to be admitted among other beneficiaries of the program but still waiting for so long without receiving the support.

VUP is an integrated local development program to accelerate poverty eradication, rural growth and social protection. It is an initiative by the government of Rwanda (GoR) in collaboration with development partners and Non-Government Organizations. It contains two important parts; public works and emergency support for elderly vulnerable people.

They are elderly and vulnerable among others. Donathile Mukagasigwa, 63 years old, is a widow with disability. She lives with her son of 19 years old who suffers from heart and liver diseases. She is poor and can’t do anything for her dying only son. Mukagasigwa claims to be admitted publically in community meeting and was added on the list in June 2017, but until now she didn’t get any support of VUP.

Anastasia Nyirabagenzi, 90 years old, with arm disability, says that they waited for so long time without feedback. “they always advise us to wait, it is now a year and more and we are still uninformed about what may have been the real reason,” she said.

An old man Cyriaque Karikwiteme, 76 years old claims to be added on the same list but whenever they ask for the situation they are always required to wait, he lives in poverty without any support and unable to help himself because he is old and weak.

The administration of Nyange sector claims to be aware of the issue. Mrs Gaudence Mukasano is the Executive secretary of Nyange sector; she says that during the admission process of people to benefit from VUP program, some people were left behind due to criteria of selection. But soon after, they complained to the district officials and 13 people were accepted to be added to the list.

Because they were not selected on the first list, there was no budget for them. The district officials advised them to wait for the next year’s budget of 2018/2019. Now the fiscal year 2018/2019 is taking effect, they believe that these people will soon get the emergency support as it is done for their fellow beneficiaries.