Published Wednesday , on 10 May 2017, 17:09:07 by Christophe Hitayezu

The European Union Ambassador in Rwanda, Michael Ryan and the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Rwanda, Louise Mushikiwabo confirmed that President Paul Kagame will participate in the wide discussions on development issues worldwide specifically in European Union during EU development days of 7-8 June 2017 in Brussels.

This was announced on the evening of 9th May at the EU Ambassador’s residence in Kigali, in his speech welcoming guests to the reception celebrating European day in Rwanda.

"We have been informed and we are very grateful that President Kagame has accepted the invitation from EU to participate in EU development days in June, to share his thoughts on Africa-EU relations and African Union reform process", Ambassador Ryan said.

Michael Ryan, Ambassador of EU in Rwanda

Minister Mushikiwabo said "during the EU Development days to which President Kagame is very pleased to participate next month, you will find Rwanda as a sincere and reliable partner."

In his speech as guest of honour, Minister Mushikiwabo also took time to appreciate the EU contributions in Rwanda.

"The relationship between Rwanda and European Union is not only unshakeable, it is long lasting and meaningful. Since 1994, the European Union has offered very important support to Rwanda, in national reconciliation, in Justice, all kinds of reconstruction work, poverty reduction and development among other sectors. We are deeply grateful, today is an opportunity for us to remember to say that your contribution to the well-being of many Rwandans is deeply appreciated," she said.

Minister Louise Mushikiwabo appreciated contribution of EU in the development of Rwanda

About the upcoming presidential election in Rwanda, in which EU will not send observers, Mushikiwabo said, "I can unsure you Michael dear friend, that the interest you have in the upcoming presidential elections in Rwanda, is the same interest Rwandans have in the many elections taking place in Europe this year. Like you, we will not be sending observer missions, but we will be watching kindly as we have done in the past few elections in European countries that are our friends and partners and we will continue to have meaningful dialogue on the politics of our countries and our common future as global citizens".

This reception was part of successive events celebrating European Union in Rwanda including European Street Fair successively conducted on 6th May 2017, Perfumed Concert, on 11th May 2017 and Food fair on 13th May 2017.

Invitees from different institutions in Rwanda and EU member states living in Rwanda