Published Sunday , on 2 September 2018, 20:03:00 by Christophe Hitayezu

Some voters for Disabled parliamentary representative in Rubavu District claimed the need of more than one seat for effective advocacy.

On Sunday 2nd September, people with disability voted for their representative in Parliament, one candidate out of ten vying for the seat is expected to win nationwide.

After casting his vote, Desire Nirambe the vice coordinator of National Council of People with Disability (NCPD) said one person representing people with disability is not enough considering the increasing number of people with disability nowadays.

"People with disability are becoming many in Rwanda and we need at least two or three representatives as other particular categories like youth or women" he said.

Feneace Haguminshuti, the NCDP coordinator in Busasamana Sector said he has voted according to candidates commitment.

"Children with disability used to be hidden by their parents, it was like a burden to have a such child, but for now is no longer the case, having a representative in the parliament became a channel of advocacy for our rights," he said.

"Reserving our seat in the parliament was an important step, but we need more, at least two or three," he added.

Jeannette Mugire Kagaba, NCPD coordinator in Rubavu district said it is not only in parliament, but also in other administrative structures like District council where they have one representative at each level from cell to the parliament.

"We wish to have more seats in the parliament, one person can forget to raise a certain issue, when they are more than one, they can work together," she said

Gloriose Musekeweya, election coordinator in Rubavu District said the number of representatives at each category is defined by the law.

Gloriose Musekeweya, election coordinator in Rubavu District

"Their one representative is according to the constitution, it has been defined according to their number, it is not a threat because after being elected, all deputies serve the entire population," she said.

In Rubavu district voters were 20.