Published Friday , on 4 May 2018, 13:11:50 by Jean Claude Muvunyi

On this 3rd May 2018 , Rwanda joins the world to celebrate the 28th World press freedom .

This ceremony was organised by Women in media platform (WMP) in partnership with media partners including UNESCO, Sweden government and media institutions in Rwanda.

A series of panel discussions offered opportunity to media practitioners to evaluate their work while taking note of existing challenges with a view to addressing them.

Dr. Kayumba Christopher, a senior Journalist and Lecturer in the University of Rwanda school of journalism, said that though at a certain extent social media is a threat to today’s mainstream media, through dissemination of fake news, the public will always recognise fake news.

Social media platforms like Twitter, facebook, ... have been used by unscrupulous people to share inaccurate information which have gone viral and confused readers.

He says the challenge is on the mainstream media to invest in reliable and high quality content which will attract their audience.

Dr. Kayumba talking to media practitioners and media partners

Muganwa Gonzaga, Executive Secretary of Rwanda Journalists Association, added to this that it can be better if the owners of those social media platforms put a straight plan of controling the users of their social media in order to build a good way of sharing credible news.

Journalists told that it is not easy to reach to big news stories because it requires more money while more media houses are poor.

This 28th press freedom day has the theme "Keeping power in check media, justice, the rule of law".

Rwandan media today has few investigative journalists as their stories have a big impact on the lives of more people.

Mugabe Robert who does it says that it is not easy work, and Sehene reiterated this, adding that he was attacked and wounded due to an investigative story in 2006.

Regine Akarikumutima , Executive Director of Women in Media Platform, says that women don’t have enough space for doing investigative stories as they are still taken as weak and unable.

Regine Akarikumutima , Executive Director of Women in Media Platform

On this day five journalists were awarded for radio shows they did which gave voice to citizens from rural areas.

Those shows include : Muberarugo, Radio mu baturage , Urubyirukorw’u Rwanda, Umunsi ukeye and Biravugwa.